The Bible tells us that the early church met from house to house (Acts 5 & 20). We interpret this to mean that the church not only met altogether for worship and celebration, but they met in smaller groups to do life together Growth Groups/Women’s Ministry/Men’s Ministry Sometimes these groupings are based on geography and at other times based on affinity. The bottom line is that we are meant to do life together in community such that people know one another’s names well enough to encourage one another in our journey of faith.So our challenge to our church body is ask them to “Choose 2 ” this is to choose 2 people who are lost and to pray for there salvation twice daily while also looking for ways to be able to share Gods love for them. This can be done in many different ways just do as Christ did by loving serving and most of all by sharing the gospel with them.

Our reach ministries are striving to work on the inside and as well as the in and around the community and across the nation sharing Gods love for us all.