Plymouth Baptist Church

Plymouth, Indiana

The church now called Plymouth Baptist Church began with as a Bible study on Dec 9, 1971 with charter members being the families of Mr. and Mrs. Ken Castleman of Argos and Mr. and Mrs. Ken Parrish of Plymouth.

On April 7, 1973, the group became known as the Argos-Plymouth Baptist Fellowship; and on Apr 27, 1971 called Rev. Ronald L. Ulrey to be its first pastor. Thereafter the church became known as Marshall Baptist Church with twelve people present at the church’s first full-program Sunday that month.

The church voted on February 24, 1974, to purchase the 3-1/4 acres of property on which it is presently located (9A Road and US 31) from Amoco Oil Company. The original asking price was $50,000, but in a miraculous answer to prayer the Lord provided it for $10,000 after the location of the US 30 and US 31 interchange was moved about 1/4 mile north, rendering the site undesirable for a gas station. On March 28, 1974, the church received its first member by profession of faith and baptism. A mobile chapel (trailer) that had been built for use in new church starts was moved onto the property on July 3, 1974.

Rev. Wendell Ryckman was called to the church on February 4, 1976, as its second pastor. He served until July, 1979. The church membership had grown to 57 members with 15 baptisms that year. In July 1980, Rev. Dennis Pollack was called as pastor, but he remained only about 3 months. In November 1980, Doug Dieterly, an attorney and licensed minister, was asked to serve as interim pastor. He served in the capacity until February 1982 when Rev. Ollie Trout was called as a bi-vocational pastor.

Rev. Mark Wolgamott was called as bi-vocational minister in 1984, serving until late 1989. During his tenure, the church name was changed to Plymouth Baptist Church. He oversaw the construction of the first building on site, which took about three years with all volunteer labor and included rebuilding the original framing that was blown down during a tornado.

On March 25, 1990, Rev. Leon Hofer began his ministry as pastor of the church, but He retired for health reasons in April, 1997.

Rev. Douglas L. Jividen commenced his ministry as full-time, senior pastor on October 1997 through June 2012. It has sent its first full time Missionary family from the church to China. The church has purchased nearly thirty acres of adjoining property and has undergone three major building programs.

In August of 2012 Pastor Clark Harless, graduate of the Missionary Baptist Seminary and majoring in Biblical Languages and Theology, began preaching at PBC in view and in October 2012 Pastor Harless was voted in as Senior Pastor. The church continues to experience the blessing of God while serving in a variety of ministries.